Creating Custom Concrete Solutions

Do you have a concrete project that needs extra strong adhesion? We pride ourselves on providing the solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Here is an excellent example of using our concrete coatings for a unique customer application. One of our distributors in Northern California has a customer with a pond that needs to hold water run off for approximately 2 weeks at a time before it is pumped out, filtered and used to water the surrounding area. This project needed incredible adhesion to provide that water-tight barrier for the concrete.

After using a diamond grinder and vacuum to prep the large surface for the best adhesion, they used the 4150 Moisture-Blocking Garage Floor Sealer/Primer followed by the 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating.

This installation was a huge success. This is another example of how and its distributors work together to do the best job for the customer, whether it’s garage floors or huge industrial installations like this pond.







4150 Moisture-Blocking Garage Floor Sealer/Primer

The 4150 Moisture-Blocking Garage Floor Sealer/Primer is a two-component Epoxy that provides up to 15 lbs. of moisture vapor emissions (MVE) protection, shielding concrete and concrete coating installations from moisture-related damage. Prior to 4150, MVE and moisture vapor transmission (MVT) have damaged countless concrete floor installations and overlays.

Our 4150 Sealer/Primer was designed to lock moisture out of concrete surfaces by wicking deep into the concrete, then curing to form a moisture-resistant barrier. The 4150 uses a low-odor, non-flammable formula that allows for an easy and safe installation on concrete surfaces. It can be used as a primer or as a standalone sealant. Using 4150 as the base layer of a concrete coating installation will ensure superior MVE protection for the coating you install. If used as a standalone sealant, 4150 gives concrete a glossy, “wet look” appearance and excellent protection against surface moisture.

4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating

Our 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating is a high-quality, economical resin Epoxy flooring system that offers an attractive, high-gloss finish of commercial-quality Epoxy, along with the strength and durability associated with industrial-grade Epoxy.

Available in a range of different formulations, our 4800 line includes options for lower and higher viscosity applications, improved air release, faster curing and UV resistance. The 4800 Coating is also available in both high-gloss clear and high-gloss pigmented colors, giving full flexibility when it comes to the concrete’s appearance. All of our 4800 formulations are abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant.

The 4800 Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating can be applied to create a low-build or high build finish. It can also be used to give a medium-build to high-build finish over other Epoxy systems, decorative flooring overlays, and a wide range of other flooring styles.

When you select one of the Epoxy floor coatings, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability. And, all of the Epoxy flooring solutions come with a lifetime adhesion warranty for your protection and peace of mind.