Tile replaced with Epoxy Flooring

In two days this Shower/Restroom had the tile floor remove and replaced with the Life Time Primer and Resurfacer Cement. It was completed in 2 ½ days. The floor was completed sanded after the Resurfacer had dried.

The 4195 Cottonwood with 2 x 41 series accelerators was applied first to the coving. It was then broadcasted to rejection with Saddle Tan ¼” Flakes by hand. A 12” drywall blade was used push the loose Flake off the floor up against the Coving filling in the surface for complete coverage. The remaining loose Flake was then swept up and the floor Vacuumed.

The main portion of the floor was then coated with the 4195 being careful not to overlap too much on the already flaked Coving. Flake was hand broadcasted to rejection. After the Epoxy had dried 3-4 hrs later all the loose flake was recouped. The floor was completely hand scraped for a relatively smooth slightly textured finish.

The 5205 Fast Drying Polyaspartic clear was applied first. This was allowed to dry for 60 min before the final top coat of 5073 fast drying high build extreme gloss was applied. The Rhino Tooth Non-Skid was added to it for slip resistance in the wet location.

Epoxy Flooring in a restroom


Epoxy Flooring in a bathroom