Epoxy Floor installed in this Southern CA. Beach House

The concrete was first ground down and the pores of the concrete opened up. The floor was thoroughly vacuumed after the grinding. Due to the well placed expansion joints in this new model home, there was very little in the way of crack repairs to be completed. Just a few hairline cracks were filled with the Divot patch and sanded smooth.

All the unusual high stem-walls where fairly porous anyway so a wire brush was used to remove the drywall mud and paint splatter.

With the garage at 450 sqft plus the Stem-walls the 4195 direct to concrete epoxy was chosen as the base coat. Typically you will get between 200-250 sqft from 1 gal over a properly ground concrete floor. Because the larger 1 “ flake was chosen the coverage rate was approx. 180 sqft/gal. This was to allow the epoxy to have more body to receive the larger chip flakes.

The Stem-walls were coated first. The flake at first hand broadcasted into the wet epoxy. As the flake was bouncing off the wall and was pooling on the dry concrete below. An 18” drywall blades was used to scrape the loose flake back up the wall and help smear it into the wet epoxy more evenly. Being careful not disturb the wet epoxy.

Once completed the 4915 Direct to Concrete Epoxy was mixed up applied to the entire. The floor was completely coated with the epoxy at approx. 180 sqft/1 gal kit. Once applied the floor was then back rolled 1 more time and the 1” Flake was evenly broadcasted by hand to full rejection. The heavier build on the primer coat allowed the larger flake to sit embedded into the epoxy.

Since this was not a 1 day install no 41 Series Accelerators where used.

The following day after the epoxy had more than 12 hours to dry. The excess flake was recovered from the floor. With the use of the rigid floor scrapers the flake was heavily scraped. Then vacuumed and a leaf blower was used to removed anymore loose material.

The Polyaspartic 5205 Fast Seal which dries in 45-60 min was applied to the Flake. Stem-walls again coated first.

This was followed by the final top coat of the Extreme High Gloss 5073 Polyurea. This industrial grade product dries in 2-3 hrs and will accept light foot traffic in 3-4 hrs. Vehicle traffic in 24 hrs. The floor as you can see looks amazing.

The Roll On Rock System once again shows and proves why it is the best garage floor coating n the Market.