Sealing Concrete Countertops Adds Strength and Beauty

Concrete is a popular material for designers to use in homes, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and other businesses due to its strength and ability to be customized. Counters are one of the most popular uses for concrete, allowing you to easily create countertops in the color, size and shape that matches your individual décor.

Whether your counters are in a commercial or residential setting, you’ll want them to be stain, heat and discoloration resistant, as well as beautiful. This is easy with the right sealer. offers a Polyurea Concrete Countertop Sealer that ensures a beautiful, high-gloss appearance with exceptional stain and heat resistance. Our countertop sealer uses cutting-edge nanotechnology, providing the toughest protection of any sealer on the market.

The 5050 Polyurea Concrete Countertop Sealer is easy to install, and delivers strength and beauty for any countertop.

  • Easy Installation. This product is constructed to make installation quick and simple. Formulated to have a 45 minute potlife, this sealer gives installers plenty of time for application before it starts drying. Once it’s applied, the sealer will dry in 60 to 90 minutes under standard conditions, making the countertops usable the same day.
  • Beautiful Finish. Offering a high-gloss finish, the sealer dries clear and wicks deep into concrete to give countertops a “wet look” finish.
  • Heat Resistance. Countertops are regularly exposed to a high heat that few countertop sealers can withstand. The 5050 Polyurea Concrete Countertop Sealer is specially formulated to resist heat. This means hot pots, pans, and dishes won’t ruin the look of your countertop.
  • Discoloration Resistance. Our sealer is also made to resists stains from acids, foods, and cleaners. Additionally, it is UV-resistant, ensuring it won’t yellow due to sunlight. This makes the sealer perfect for outdoor, as well as indoor projects.

While there are numerous material choices for countertops, concrete is extremely versatile and can be easily customized to match any residential or commercial environment. Just remember to properly seal it so it stays beautiful and durable for a lifetime.

All of the solutions come with a lifetime adhesion warranty for your protection and peace of mind.