Garage Floor Transformation in Orlando, Florida

This was a Typical looking cluttered garage floor that is seen nationwide.

This floor was in Orlando Florida. A nice 2 car garage which 1 car can barely squeeze into. Storage Space being the biggest issue here.

Once everything was removed the floor was completely ground down. All the oil spots were degreased and the floor wash out. The cracks were filled with the 4905 5 min Crack Weld and then with a hand grinder smoothed out to be flush with the concrete.

The Roll On Rock 1 Day Flooring System was applied. Firstly the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy in Mocha was rolled on at 220 sqft / 1 gal kit. 2 x 41 series accelerators were used in each 1 gal kit so the floor could be dry enough to scrape the flake in 3-4 hrs. The Brown ¼” blended flake was broadcasted at 500 sqft / 50 lb box.

Being a 1 day installation the Fast Drying 5073 High Gloss Polyurea was the top coat that was applied. Spread rate at 250 sqft / 2 gal kit. This fast drying top coat allows you to put everything back on the floor the very next morning.

With such a quick return to use the customers are extremely happy with the results.