Unique Garage Floor Installed in Elk Grove, CA

This unique Floor with a border and diamond pattern was completed in Elk Grove, Central California outside of Sacramento.

We stated by grinding the floor which opened up the pores in the concrete allowing for better adhesion. The 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer was applied. The 41 series  8 oz accelerators were also used. Two per 1 gal kit of the 4195. The Medium Tan ¼” flake was dispersed into the wet epoxy primer. The accelerators allowed the epoxy to dry in 3-4 hrs so the floor was ready to scrape and seal the same day.

1 coat of the 5205 Polyaspartic Primer / Sealer was applied. A fast drying primer that allowed for the border and diamond pattern to be taped off the next day. The 4195 Primer was used again with the 41 series Accelerators.

The Rum Mica Flake was dispersed as a darker contrasting color. Once this was dried and scraped the 520 Polyaspartic was again use. After 2 hrs the entire floor was sanded down and the final 5073 high Solids Polyurea Clear Coat was applied.

The floor was returned to service the following day.