Floor Repair Completed in Solana Beach, C.A.

When the Customer asked us if we could salvage her Floor we immediately knew we had a hard task at hand.

There was a layer of Indoor Outdoor carpet we first had to remove.  We then hand scraped as much Carpet Glue and loose paint off the surface.

To remove the rest of the Epoxy Paint (from a Big Box Store) we used our PCD Carbide tips on the Bottom of the 16” On-Floor Machine. They cut through and removed the Epoxy perfectly.

We then switched to 80 Grit Diamonds and smoothed out the floor 1 more time.

The only choice in Materials for us was to use Versatile Building Products “Roll On Rock” Garage and Industrial Floor System, Our preferred choice of Product for the past 6 Years.

We applied the 4195 Cotton Wood at 200 sqft / gal with 1 Accelerator, ¼” Saddle Tan Flake was then broadcasted too rejection and the floor was allowed to dry until the next Day.

The following morning after sweeping up the loose Flake, we then vigorously scraped the floor in both directions. 5205 Polyaspartic Sealer/Primer was laid down and only 50 min later we were Top Coating the floor with the High Gloss 5073 Polyurea spread at around 500 sqft / 2 gal kit.

The Customer who was out of Town for the Week and called us when they got back and were ecstatic with the way the floor turned out.

“To us it’s the same usual response on all floors we do since we have been using Versatile Building Products.”