Garage Makeover in Calabasas, CA


This 3 car garage in Calabasas C.A. was a complete garage makeover.
After Grinding and Prepping the entire floor. The 5 min Crack Weld was used to fill all cracks and gauges in the slab, a fast setting epoxy paste patching compound that can be ground down and coated in 20 min.
The 1” Granite Flake was chosen for this big spacious garage. The 4195 Whisper Grey Primer was applied and then Flaked into. The Top Coats used were the 5205 Fast Setting Polyaspartic Primer/ Sealer followed by a final coat of the 5073 Polyurea High Gloss Top Coat.

The Maple Cabinets and slatwall were installed the very next day with the optional channel pull handles to complete the makeover.