Epoxy Flooring with Flake Installed in Atlanta, GA

This small two car garage in Atlanta, GA had the typical  stress cracks in the concrete that we see in garage floors with no expansion joint and maybe a lack of Re-Bar, as in the older houses. These were well established cracks that were opened up with crack chaser blades and filled with the Divot Patch Repair Mortar. A 7” hand grinder was quickly passed over the patches to smooth them out.

All the cracks were pre-primed with a brush just prior to applying the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy to the entire surface. After applying the 4195, a quick back roll was done over the primer to help re-tack the epoxy just prior to dispersing the flake. Approximately  3 hrs later we were able to re-coup the loose flake, scrape the surface, vacuum and blow off the floor getting it ready for the clear coats.

The Fast Drying 5205 Polyaspartic Primer/Sealer was used. It dries in 60 min. Then the 5073 Polyurea High Gloss Top Coat was applied. 2-3 hr dry time. With the use of the 41 Series Accelerators in the 4195 Epoxy Primer we were able to complete the floor with the 2 Clear Top Coats in 1 single Day. Incredible! Apart from the cost savings in labor/time by completing the floor in 1 Day, the customer was able to start putting her belongings back in the garage after only 24 hrs. Basically the next Day.

Thank you Versatile, your 1 day garage installation system has changed the way I run my business. Plus made it more profitable!


Fiscella_Post_Grind_and_Patch Fiscella_Final_Coat