July Featured Install

July’s Featured Install is for the beach lover in us all! This project perfectly captures the essence of the seaside while showcasing the team’s talents at A Classical Touch Painting in Port Orange, FL, owned by Maurice Ragot.

This customer loves the beach and envisioned their garage transformed as a coastal paradise. Maurice and his team expertly utilized a range of Versatile’s products to bring this vision to life.

They began by applying our 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy in Cottonwood across the entire floor and driveway. This coating features advanced wicking technology, providing three times more adhesion than other coatings, ensuring strong floors.

The garage’s stunning blue ocean was achieved using the Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy system, blending Caribbean Blue, Catalina Blue, and Great White to create the wave effects. The result is a smooth, glass-like surface with a unique and subtle reflective sparkle.

For the sandy beach effect inside the garage and on the driveway, the team used our 1/16-inch Blended Flake in Saddle Tan. The team used turtle decals to create a special, personalized touch to this installation.

For added strength, the entire floor was covered in two coats of our 5205 Ultra-Fast Drying Clear Polyurea. This coating provides a durable layer of protection, making the floor stain, scratch, chip, and peel-resistant, ensuring it looks great for years.

Congratulations to Maurice and his team on this special installation!

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