May Featured Install

Our May Featured Install showcases a floor surrounding a sports court in a custom garage by Omar Vergara with Garage Floor of Chicagoland in Lombard, IL.

This cool flooring installation around a sports court is in a custom garage that’s part of a new home build. The customers wanted something durable that looked great framing their indoor sports court and could be used for parking cars when they weren’t playing. They requested the floor be two different colors split down the middle.

Omar and his team applied our 4195 Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy in Black across the entire floor, providing three times more adhesion to the concrete than other coatings due to our advanced wicking technology. Next, they divided the huge garage in half. On one side they broadcasted 1-inch Blended Flake in Graphite to get the black and white look. On the other side, they used a custom 1-inch Blended Flake in Black, White, and Orange to add some color to the floor.

To complete the installation, the team applied our Polyaspartic High-Solids Fast Drying Coating to provide a strong topcoat that makes the floor stain- and scratch-resistant, as well as chip and peel-resistant, so the floors will look great for years to come. For added traction, they included our Rhino Tooth 30 Grit anti-skid additive in the 5108 Polyaspartic topcoat.

Congratulations to Garage Floor of Chicagoland on this huge flooring installation!

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