Customer Testimonial – 4930 Polyurea Crack & Spall Filler

Check out this great testimonial on our 4930 Polyurea Crack & Spall Filler from Doug Johns at Expert Epoxy Solutions in North Carolina.   

“We filled some large holes about 2 feet in diameter, up to 3/4″ deep in the center. The 4930 worked great. 63 degrees outside, 45% humidity, and we had plenty of work time. It self-levels very well. To fill a variety of cracks, we mixed it and poured it into 32 oz wide-mouth condiment bottles. That gives better application control. After about 15 minutes we were able to grind it quite easily. Very good product, but new applicators need to understand you have to move or it will set up quickly. Thank you for the sample. We give it a big thumb’s 👍 up!”