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By the end of the year, Versatile Building Products’ will be opening a second manufacturing and distribution plant in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

What does this expansion mean for you?

  • 2 Day Shipping – VBP will be able to ship out their most popular coating systems to 90% of the country in just two days, which offers the opportunity to take on more profitable installs without the wait.
  • Shorter Lead Times for Cabinet Orders – Current production lead times will be shorter, making VBP one of the fastest cabinet manufacturers in the country and giving you the ability to schedule more cabinet installs.
  • Redundancy – With the additional resources, the second plant will create a redundant supply chain that you can depend on.
  • Increased Stock – VBP’s most popular coatings will be fully stocked in both locations to provide congruity and reliability.
  • Manufacturing and Distribution: VBP will be manufacturing and distributing through 2 locations and offer will call options for local customers.
  • Extended Support Hours: Fully trained staff will be able to give you assistance for any questions or needs you may have from 7am CST – 4pm PST.
  • 1-Day Training Classes Offered at Two Locations: Both locations will be offering 1-day training classes that will train you on how to install VBP’s most popular coatings such as Roll on Rock® Flake Applications, Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Application, Industrial Strength Epoxy Application, Cabinet Training and more.

2 Day Shipping Coming Soon!

We are getting close to opening our new manufacturing and distribution plant in Dallas, TX. Once opened, we will be able to provide 2-day shipping to 90% of our US customers with the added benefit of creating a redundant supply chain that they can depend on.

Posted by Versatile Building Products on Friday, August 3, 2018

In short, the expansion of Versatile Building Products will provide resources to increase your profitability by giving you the dependability and redundancy to take on more installs.

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