1-Day Roll on Rock Epoxy Flooring Application

Did you know that Versatile Building Products’ offers a product to get your Roll on Rock installs done in as little as one day? Want to find out how?


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Posted by Versatile Building Products on Thursday, July 5, 2018


Here is a chart that goes over the process of doing an install in one day:



Approximate Time

Grinding Concrete


30-120 minutes

Crack repair (if any)

5 Minute Crack Weld

30 minutes

Vacuum Floor before install


15 minutes

Epoxy application

4195 with (2) 41 series accelerators @ 220 sq. ft.

30 Minutes

Flake Broadcasting

¼” Roll on Rock Flake

15 Minutes

Dry time for 4195 with flake

1.5-3 hours

Scrape and vacuum flake

Bent Floor Scraper

30-45 minutes

Mid-topcoat application *Optional*


30 Minutes

Wait time before applying final topcoat

30-60 Minutes

Final top coat application

5073 with (1) 50 series accelerator @ 500 sq. ft.

30 Minutes

Total Install time


5 – 8.5 hours


After installation, you can walk on the floor in as little as 4-6 hours and can move back your larger items by the next day. By using accelerators, installs go from 3-4 days down to as little as 1 day.

The 41, 48, 50 & 53 series accelerators are intended for use in the corresponding 4100, 4800, 5000, 5200 & 5300 coatings. By adding in 1-2 accelerators per kit of coating, you can speed up the dry time to as little as 2 hours,  getting your customers back into their space in a timely manner and enabling you to complete more profitable installs.

The accelerators are ideal in colder weather conditions as they enable you to complete an installation without the expected delays from colder weather, or in circumstances where there is limited shut down capacity to facilitate the specified duration of down time intended before use.

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