Save Money By Purchasing In Bulk

Bulk Epoxy Products

Did you know that Versatile Building Products offers their bestselling floor coatings in bulk sizes?


ü4195 ü5073 ü5108 ü5300 series
ü4800 series ü5197 ü5205 ü5100
ü4001 / 4010 ü5400 / 5410 ü4100 / 4150 ü41 & 48 Series Accelerators


Many people across the Country are currently purchasing bulk items from major discount warehouses to cut costs. The biggest benefit of buying in bulk is saving money per unit. Savings are passed on from the lack of individual packaging and labeling. You can now get almost anything in mass quantity, including your floor coatings. As an added bonus, no membership cards are needed!

Compound your savings even more by:

  • Applying Customer For Life Coupons – Use the online CFL coupons to save even more. Click this link to see how much you can save!
  • No Shipping Costs – Versatile Building Products offers free shipping on all liquids purchases over $600.
  • Save Valuable Time – As the old saying goes, time = money. By ordering floor coatings in a larger volume, you will be able to schedule more installs without the hassle of needing to reorder per job. All of Versatile Building Product’s floor coatings have a shelf life of approximately 1 year, which means you can portion out installs on an as-needed basis.

*Jimmy’s Pro Tip – Use our helpful Quick Measure cups that are available in Quart and Gallon size to easily measure out the amount of coatings you need per install.

By using these tools to compound savings, you can save 10% or more by purchasing in bulk. These savings are also applicable when purchasing singular components in higher quantity amounts.

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