Benefits of 4800 Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy

Versatile Building Product’s 4800 Industrial Coating is a 100% solids, high quality and economical epoxy flooring system. 4800 can be used in many systems including Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy, Quartz, Roll on Rock, resurfacing applications and in monolithic applications.  Did you know that the 4800 is also customizable? We can match any color for your needs!

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Why use the 4800?

High Buildability – The low viscosity of the system allows an easier application by roller, brush or squeegee from 6 mils to 125 mils (1/8”). Giving you the option to build the floor as high as 1/8” thick.

Versatility – The 4800 epoxy system now has many formulas to meet your needs, including:

  •      A low yellowing formula that prolongs UV resistance
  •      A new HD formula which gives a smoother and faster install, allowing the coating to dry in approximately 5 hours (depending on temperatures).
  •      Color Matching – The 4800 can be color matched to the exact color you need. Have a favorite color? We can match it! Just bring in a color swatch and in as little as 24 hours, we can create the perfect color match for you.

Self Levelling Finish – After applying the 4195 Direct to Concrete primer epoxy, use the 4800 100% Solid Epoxy to give a self levelling, smooth as glass finish to hide minor imperfections.

Where can 4800 be applied?

4800 Industrial 100% Solids Epoxy is used in many floor coatings systems designed for applications that call for high strength, gloss, and versatility. 4800 is ideal for use in these areas:

ü Commercial kitchens

ü Warehouses

ü Lockers

ü Airplane hangars

ü Service bays

ü Animal Kennels & Sanctuaries

ü Mechanic repair shops

ü Retail shops

üAnd even in your home garage!

The ultra-low odor of the system, and its solvent free nature, allows it to be applied without disabling surrounding operations during application and cure.  4800 makes the perfect choice for almost any indoor space.

4800 100% Solid Epoxy

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