Floors Strong Enough to Withstand the Rigors of a Fire Station

Fire Station floors undergo extremely harsh conditions with heavy fire trucks constantly pulling in and out of the garage. Keeping the floors in good condition, clean and looking nice can be difficult if the right floor coating isn’t used.

The GarageCoatings.com floor coatings provide a durable finish for concrete floors that will hold up to the harsh conditions that many industrial floors are exposed to on a daily basis. Our Epoxy has a proprietary “wicking” technology that gives the floor a hard, resilient surface that won’t lift or peel.


Fire Station Epoxy Flooring


This fire station bay in Roswell, GA proves that the right Epoxy floor coating can withstand the harsh environment of having heavy fire trucks driving in and out, as well as extreme cold climate conditions. Originally, this fire station floor was damaged with 30 years of oil and paint. After being prepped by diamond grinding, the floor was coated with our Roll on Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring in Whisper Grey with ¼” Dolphin Flakes. Yellow and black flake were used for guidelines and parking squares.  When Atlanta got slammed with two rare ice storms in a row, this floor held up to many days of aggressive snow chains without a scratch.

Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring

GarageCoatings.com offers the Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring System that can make your garage floor resistant to spills and stains, abrasions, harsh chemicals and hot tires, extending the beauty and durability for a lifetime. This Epoxy coating makes your garage floor easy to clean and maintain using water and a mild (non-filming) detergent, and requires no special maintenance or waxing.

The Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring System is very easy to install over garage, commercial and industrial concrete floors. Our Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring kit includes enough flake to broadcast them over the wet epoxy flooring to the point of rejection. This installation process allows the installer to throw the flake onto the wet epoxy flooring to the point where the floor is entirely covered up by the flake. This results in a beautiful epoxy floor coating that looks great every time because the installer scrapes off the loose flake and is left with a uniform blanket of flake on the entire concrete floor. The Polyurea Flooring Sealer is a clear topcoat that is designed to be used over concrete floors. The high-gloss and high-build film provides a beautiful topcoat finish that will look great for years.

To enhance the style of your business, the Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake comes in different flake sizes and more than 80 color treatments to choose from. It can be applied to any concrete floor area, giving you a hard, resilient surface that is moisture- and freeze-resistant. Additionally, the Epoxy is UV tolerant so the color of your floor won’t fade or cloud up over time, and it’s an ultra-low VOC green product that doesn’t harm the environment.

When you select one of the GarageCoatings.com Epoxy floor coatings, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability.