Show Off Your Hot Rod with a Custom Garage Floor Coating

Being able to customize the look of your home is one of the many benefits to home ownership. This includes the garage. Having an organized, attractive garage can increase the value of your home, as well as act as a mini showroom for a cool car.

One option for beautiful custom garage floors that can withstand the test of time is an Epoxy floor coating. Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Flooring will give floors durable, lasting coverage with a beautiful, custom high-quality finish. This unique coating looks like a stained or polished floor, but without the dirty work of polishing the concrete or the concern of having an acid stain put inside your home.


Garage Experts of Long Island 2nd place

Check out this custom garage floor in Long Island, NY that shows off the Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Flooring and the owner’s Corvette®.

The Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy is formulated to give a unique flow every time it’s used, so no two floors will ever look identical. There are almost 20 different colors with pigment to match any color scheme of a home or business.

In addition to looking beautiful, Epoxy floor coatings make your floor easy to clean and maintain, enhances lighting, and hides unsightly stains, or cracks in the concrete. The Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy is easy to install in two simply steps.  Using a proprietary, advanced wicking technology, the Epoxy gets deeper, stronger adhesion, giving the floor a hard, resilient surface that won’t lift or peel. The Epoxy is the strongest in the business – more than three times stronger than the standard off-the-shelf Epoxy flooring.

When you select one of the Epoxy floor coatings, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability.