Polyurea Abrasion-Resistant Coating Adds High Gloss Look to Mall Floor

Looking for a high-gloss shine that brings out the color in your floors? The 5073 Clear Polyurea Flooring Coating/Sealer is the most popular clear topcoat available for garage, commercial, and industrial floors from GarageCoatings.com.

The 5073 floor coating is formulated to be one of the easiest Polyurea’s to apply by roller and brush, making it the ideal topcoat. It is widely used as a protective topcoat over bare, stained, commercial, industrial, and decorative concrete floors. The water clear high-gloss and high-build film of the 5073 provides a beautiful topcoat finish that will look great for years.


Polyurea Floor Coating

This customer used our 5073 Polyurea sealer over a decorative micro topping for a smooth glossy finish. This topcoat sealer was used in a high traffic mall food court due to its abrasion resistance and wet look that enhances the floor colors.

Strong and Beautiful

The chemical backbone of the 5073 Polyurea coating is designed to be extremely scratch resistant while also having great chemical resistant properties. The scratch resistance built into the clear topcoat will allow it to maintain its gloss for a longer period of time when compared to other concrete floor coating products.


Polyurea floor coating test


We have formulated this Polyurea Floor Sealer/Coating to be easier to install, have more pot life, cure to a hard film faster (dries in just over an hour), and be suitable for exterior exposure without yellowing. The 5073 Polyurea is considered combustible so it should be restricted to use only in well ventilated areas.

When you select one of the GarageCoatings.com Epoxy floor coatings, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability.