Epoxy Flooring Installed in Anaheim Hills, CA

This beautiful Basalt Brindle Floor was complete in 1 day.

Preparing the Surface

The floor was completely ground down and the stem walls were prep’d with a wire brush to remove some existing drywall mud and paint. There were no visible cracks or imperfections on this Floor.

Applying the Roll on Rock System

The 4195 Whisper Grey Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer was used first with 2 x 41 series accelerators added to the 1 gal kits. This was applied at a spread rate of 220 sqft /gal. The Basalt 1”/1/4” mixed Flake was broadcasted over the entire floor.

Note : The stem walls were coated first and flaked prior to the horizontal Floor.

After 3 hrs the Flake was then swept up. The floor was scraped in both directions and then vacuumed clean. After this a leaf blower was used to remove any dust remnants. The 5205 Polyaspartic Fast Seal was applied at 350 sqft / 1.5 gal kit over the flake. This fast Drying Polyaspartic was ready for the 2nd top coat in just 40 min. The 5073 Polyurea was then applied 450 sqft for the 2 gal kits.

The floor looks amazing.

Epoxy Flooring Installed in one day