Removing and Replacing an Inferior Epoxy Floor Coating

Using the right Epoxy floor coating makes all the difference to achieve a beautiful, durable garage floor.

Epoxy is a durable garage floor coating that makes the floor strong, easy to clean and attractive. A high-quality Epoxy coating can make any garage floor look like a showroom. Additionally, the floor can be custom matched to a house with a multitude of colors and textures.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of garage floor coatings that are low-quality and will lift, peel, and discolor. Epoxy is the strongest in the business – more than three times stronger than the standard off-the-shelf Epoxy flooring – making it resistant to scratches, scuffs, cracks and other damage. The proprietary “wicking” technology in Epoxy base coat makes a floor flexible and almost bullet proof, giving it industrial-strength durability that lasts a lifetime.

The before and after pictures below are from a distributor that serves the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. It shows their customer’s garage floor that was coated with an inferior Epoxy floor coating that lifted, peeled and was discolored. The floor was so damaged that it had to be diamond ground twice before the new Epoxy floor coatings could be applied properly.

For this garage floor transformation, the distributor used the Roll On Rock® Epoxy flake flooring system that uses 4195 Epoxy as its base coat to achieve rock-solid adhesion. To achieve a beautiful high-gloss finish quickly, the 5205 Hybrid Ultra-Fast-Drying Intermediate Coat was used with the 5073 Polyurea top coat.


Removing Existing Epoxy Flooring


Removing Existing Epoxy Flooring2


The Epoxy floor coatings provides customers with the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability. All of the Epoxy flooring solutions come with a lifetime adhesion warranty for the customers’ protection and peace of mind.

In addition to strength, a superior Epoxy floor coating makes the garage floor easy to clean and maintain. Since the Epoxy coating makes the floor durable, it eliminates the worry of stains, spills or cracks in the concrete. It also makes the floor moisture- and freeze-resistant. The floor coating is easy to clean with water and a mild (non-filming) detergent, and requires no special maintenance or waxing.

Epoxy floor coatings make it possible to turn old, cracked and stained concrete into a revitalized, beautiful, functional surface that will add value to a home. Epoxy flooring comes in many styles, textures and colors, allowing the homeowner to choose a treatment that best matches the house style. Choose from the smooth look of marble, granite or tile, to a more textured look of stone, slate or a flaked floor look.  There is even a metallic or natural mica concrete floor coating for a truly unique garage floor. flooring textures and final-coat preparations provide an evenly distributed, slip-resistant surface with a beautiful high-gloss shine. Additionally, they are UV tolerant so the color of the floor will not fade or cloud up over time.