Removing Hair and Lint from Epoxy Rollers

To achieve professional-grade results with Epoxy floor coatings, you need professional-grade Epoxy rollers, brushes, and equipment, such as the 18” Economy/Premium Roller from garage Unfortunately, as with all rollers whether they state Lint Free or not.  These rollers do shed lint, mostly when used with the tackier 2 component Epoxies and Polyureas’, Polyaspartic’s thus contamination on the floor can occur. Fortunately, we have a solution for keeping them from doing this.

Using any type of sticky tape, such as Duct Tape or Blue Tape. Attach the tape to an anchored surface such as a door knob, edge of the table, tool box, the steel frame of a garage door, etc..

Now holding the other end of the roll of tape in one hand and the roller on the roller frame in the other hand, simply run the roller across the tape aggressively 5-6 times covering the entire roller. The tape will pick up any loosely bound lint on the roller. Delinting it even more. We recommend doing this to a roller a couple times to assure the lint is removed. rollers and brushes can be used to install primer coats, intermediate build layers, and topcoats using a range of other Garage products.

We offer an Epoxy Floor Applicator Pack that will give you everything you need for your next installation. The pack includes:

  • 4 epoxy brushes
  • 2 epoxy rollers (18” width)
  • 1 epoxy roller frame (18” width)
  • 1 epoxy mixing paddle
  • 1 small quick measure epoxy container
  • 1 medium quick measure epoxy container is the professional’s choice for Epoxy rollers, equipment, and high-quality Epoxies. Thanks to our factory-direct pricing, bulk discounts, training programs, and Customer for Life program, professional installers can trust for all their Epoxy flooring related needs.