Epoxy Floor Installed in West Palm Beach, FL

This small 1 car Garage had Sheet Vinyl down on the floor for many years. The trick was to remove this ugly material. There are only two ways to remove this either by hand or with a machines. A floor scraper was rented to get under the Vinyl to basically peel it back. A tedious time consuming way to get it off. Hand held scrapers were also used for those stubborn spots. After the vinyl was removed the we ground the floor down remove the excess black mastic glue and to open up the concrete. Yes, the water heater pilot light was turned off during the application. All the cracks and busted out nail wholes at the front of the garage were repaired with the 5 min Crack Weld then ground down flush with the concrete. Once the grinding was complete we vacuumed and blow out the excess dust.


Versatile Building Products 4195 Direct to Concrete Whisper Epoxy Primer was applied at 220 sqft / gal. 2 x 41 Series Accelerators per gallon were used.  ¼” Grey Flake blend was the chosen color. You will notice they created a cove base look going up the wall. A nice custom touch. The 2 top coats applied were the fast drying 5205 Polyaspartic primer sealer. Followed 60 min later by the 5073 Top Coat Polyurea. An amazing transformation.