Enhancing the Beauty of Your Home by Treating Your Outdoor Concrete

Increase the value of your home and add more curb appeal with a beautiful entrance sidewalk, patio, or driveway. GarageCoatings.com can help you treat your worn out, boring concrete with a high-quality Epoxy coating that makes any concrete floor strong, easy to clean and attractive. You can even transform cracked or stained concrete into a revitalized, functional surface that the whole family can enjoy.

Epoxy comes in many textures and colors, allowing you to match the style of your home. You can choose from the smooth look of marble, granite or tile, to a more textured look of stone, slate or a flaked floor look. If you are treating concrete in the front and back yards, you can use the same colors and textures, or different if you want it to vary the look. If cracks are problem, you can hide them with a decorative Epoxy concrete coating with simulated flagstone engraved grout lines.

Outdoor Roll On Rock Epoxy Coatings

All the GarageCoatings.com flooring textures and final-coat preparations provide a slip-resistant surface so your guests won’t slip while they’re enjoying your new outdoor spaces.  And, the Epoxy coatings are UV tolerant so the color of your new concrete won’t fade or cloud up over time.

In addition to the enhanced beauty the Epoxy coating adds to your concrete, it also adds incredible strength and durability that lasts a lifetime.  The GarageCoatings.com Epoxy is the strongest in the business – more than three times stronger than the standard off-the-shelf Epoxy floor coating – making is resistant to scratches, scuffs, cracks and other damage. The proprietary “wicking” technology in GarageCoatings.com Epoxy base coat makes a floor flexible and almost bullet proof. This is ideal for high traffic areas such as sidewalks and driveways, and even more important for people who live in climate with extreme weather that can damage concrete over time.

For those last minute get togethers when you have to rush to get the house looking nice, your new concrete with the Epoxy coating is easy to clean and maintain. Just sweep it off. If it needs a more thorough cleaning, simply use water and a mild (non-filming) detergent. The Epoxy coating does not require any special maintenance or waxing.

When you select one of the GarageCoatings.com Epoxy floor coatings, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability. And, all of the GarageCoatings.com Epoxy flooring solutions come with a lifetime adhesion warranty for your protection and peace of mind.