Best Seller: Fast-Drying Polyurea Coating Topcoat/Sealer

Our 5073 Fast-Drying Polyurea Coating is the #1 selling topcoat on Garage — and with good reason. This specially formulated polyurea coating not only offers exceptional protection and abrasion resistance, but also an attractive, high-gloss appearance that makes it the perfect finish for any garage floor installation.

Durable, High-Gloss Polyurea Coating

Our 5703 polyurea coating delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to sealing concrete and epoxy flooring. We’ve formulated our 5073 polyurea coating specifically to maximize its ease-of-installation while still delivering exceptional durability and an eye-catching appearance. By using the 5073 polyurea coating to complete your next flooring project, you’ll ensure a quick, stress-free application that results in a beautiful, high-gloss, damage-resistant finish.

To make our 5073 polyurea coating as workable and easy to apply as possible, the team at Garage has lowered the viscosity of the 5073 formula. Despite being a high-solids product, the 5703 polyurea coating handles more like a medium solid CRU (chemical resistant urethane). This makes is easy to apply with a brush or roller. It also helps extend the product’s pot life, giving you the perfect balance between a fast drying time and the workability you need for best results.

Thanks to the polyurea crosslinks created by the 5703 formula, this product delivers a finish that is several times more abrasion-resistant that epoxy-alone installations. A 5073 polyurea coating can protect just about any concrete flooring installation, including bare concrete floors, stained concrete floors, commercial and industrial concrete floors, and decorative concrete flooring.

5703 polyurea coating is compatible our full line of epoxy flooring systems, including the Roll on Rock® flake system and our Lava Flow® metallic epoxy. For these kinds of decorative floors, we suggest combining the 5073 polyurea coating with our 5205 coating primer, an ultra-fast-drying product that produces a stronger, more attractive finish.

Finish your next flooring installation with the 5073 polyurea coating and discover why this innovative product is the best-selling topcoat at Garage