Easy Installation with Ultra-Fast Drying Concrete Floor Sealer

When you’re installing a concrete floor coating, time matters. That’s true both for customers, who want their space usable more quickly, and installers, who want to complete each project in as little time as possible. At Garage Coatings.com, we offer a number of fast-drying products that help speed up the installation process, including our 5205 Hybrid Ultra-Fast Drying Concrete Floor Sealer. This polyurea-based concrete floor sealer will speed up any installation, taking as little as 30 minutes to dry after being applied.

Our Fastest-Drying Concrete Floor Sealer

The 5205 concrete floor sealer from Garage Coatings.com has been carefully formulated to deliver extremely fast-drying results without compromising performance. Our team has worked carefully on this product’s formulation to make sure that it delivers the beautiful, high-gloss results you want in a concrete floor sealer. We’ve also formulated the 5205 to make it easy to apply, with a pot life of 60 minutes despite its 30-minute drying time once applied to concrete.

Our 5205 product can be used as a standalone concrete floor sealer, or it can be used as a primer for our 5073 coating product. In either case, you’ll see spectacular looking and spectacularly durable results. That’s because 5205 has been specially formulated to develop strong crosslinks, creating a super-tough, super-long-lasting concrete floor sealer that is over four times as resistant to abrasions as unsealed garage floor epoxy.

Our 5205 and 5073 concrete floor sealers naturally produce an attractive high-gloss finish. When applied on their own, these concrete floor sealers offer a transparent, “wet look” finish. This finish is resistant to yellowing meaning it will retain its gloss and color for years and years, even when regularly exposed to sunlight. Garage Coatings.com also offers a range of pigment and color packs for our 5205 product.

In addition to their use as standalone concrete floor sealers, 5205 and 5073 can also be used to seal other Garage Coatings.com products, like our Roll on Rock® stone-finish chipping system.

Purchase 5205 ultra-fast drying concrete floor sealer today to speed up your next installation.