March Web Special by Versatile Building Products

March Web Special

Our New 4 Page Roll on Rock® Brochure for only 15 cents!

Use our Roll on Rock® 4 page brochure to help you sell our Direct to Concrete Epoxy Flooring with “Wicking Technology” to your customers. We have listed all of the reasons to buy as highlighted items inside the brochure. We have also shown our more popular colors and sizes which will complement the keychain sample set when you go out to sell a job. We left all of our phone numbers and web addresses off of the piece making it easy for you to affix your company & contact information on it.

Roll on Rock Brochure
Double Sided Presentation Board $50!

24” x 24” Roll on Rock® Double Sided Sample Board on Sale for $50! Set yourself apart from your competition by using these large premium sample boards to sell more Epoxy Flooring this Year.

Double Sided Presentation Board
Key Chain Color Samples are on Sale for $10!

Our Beautiful Roll on Rock® key chain samples sets are on sale for only $10. While we are at it we decided to add our Cabinet Color sample sets and our Premium Brindle set for only $10 too. These are great tools to help you sell more jobs.

Brindle Flake Sample 4X4 Set

Roll on Rock 4 x 4 1/4″ Sample Ring

Cabinet Colors Keychain 3.75″ x 5.75″ Samples
Lava Flow® 9” x 9” Sample Set is on Sale for $25!

Show your customers how good Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy Flooring looks by using these large 9” samples that show off all of our stock colors.

Lava Flow 9″ x9″ sample set of 18 colors
Cabinet Cube Sample is on Sale for $50!

Use this Cabinet Cube to show your customers the quality construction that are built into our High Quality Garage Storage Cabinets

The Cube Sample Cabinet
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