Q&A: Concrete Discussion with Jimmy McGhee

Hey Jimmy,

How long after you pour concrete can we apply Epoxy ?


John Brownlee



Hey John,

Depending if it interior or exterior.

It will dry and cure faster exterior. Typically up to 45 days. Basically as long as you can hold them off.

If it a patch use Rapid set. You can go over that the next day.

I have coated over concrete in 15 days and had success and 30 days and had failure. Depends a lot on the concrete mix.

4195 can go to Green damp concrete. We just try not to recommend that.


Thank you.


Jimmy McGhee
Sales Manager
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Yeah it’s interior and we poured it on Saturday, it looks dry if you look at it, but I know moisture is probably releasing and my clients are ready to go, it’s a 6000 sq. ft epoxy job and I will be using the 4195 on it.  I have a meeting w/ them tomorrow and I know they will be asking when we can start the epoxy.  I will be calling you on this particular order so I can get some better pricing from you on such a big job.  Did my first 6 car garage yesterday with the ¼” and 1” Brindle flake, customer loved it , it looked amazing. Starting to get better coverage on the clears, I took your advice and got the watering cans, works much better than just pouring it out of the bucket. It’s funny I have probably done 30 garages now and I am still tweaking my process, people think it’s just epoxy how hard could it be ?  But when you are as picky as I am and I take a lot of pride in my work it’s just takes time and trial and error and of course having Jimmy around helps a lot !  I really appreciate all your help.

John Brownlee