December Photo Profile

Check out our December Photo Profile! This custom floor installation at Bocce’s Club Pizza in Buffalo, NY was installed by Michael Paladino of DCE Polymer Inc.

You never know where you might find your next customer. This installation started with the quest to find a good pizza. Michael went into Bocce’s to get a pizza and noticed the entrance patio concrete had a coating that was peeling, chipping, and looked bad. When he talked with the owner he found out that they were having problems with dirt that was caked on the substraight due to the previous contractor using an inexpensive sealer.

Michael knew that Versatle’s high-quality products would not only look better, but provide the strength and durability necessary to protect the concrete. He began by taking a photo of Bocce’s sign and sent it to Versatile to color match a red floor coating pigment. Then, he ground down the existing coating and prepped the concrete. He chose to use the Versatile 4100 Moisture-Blocking Clear Epoxy primer since New York can be cold and damp. This product is designed to wick deep into the concrete to mitigate moisture vapor emissions (MVE) and odor, as well as increase the adhesion of the applied systems. Michael mixed in the red Custom Color Pack as well as 1-inch and 1/4-inch Solid Flake in Charcoal to match the black in the building.

The results are amazing! The customer is so happy that Michael and his team will be doing the same flooring system inside the restaurant and adding a custom logo. We’ll be sure to feature it soon.

Congratulations to DCE Polymer Inc. on this awesome custom installation!

Products used:
4100 Moisture-Blocking Clear Epoxy Primer
Custom Color Pack – Red
1-inch + 1/4-inch Solid Flake – Charcoal