Versatile® Launches Liquid Quartz™ Decorative Epoxy Flooring System

Lewisville, Texas, June 22, 2022 Versatile® today launched its new three-component decorative epoxy flooring system that creates a beautiful, high-end designer-style floor. 1009 Liquid Quartz™ provides a high-performance traffic surface with modern, upscale aesthetics that give the appearance of a high-build color quartz system.

1009 Liquid Quartz is a high-build, self-leveling epoxy flooring system that is built on 100 percent solids epoxy technology. This new product enables a faster application using fewer installation steps and hours compared to standard epoxy and polyaspartic quartz broadcast systems. The self-leveling properties allow for easy repair of minor damage when needed and typical installations provide a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch build in only one application.

Liquid Quartz™ offers residential, commercial, or institutional spaces with impressive durability and beautiful designer style. Since it is self-sealing, it does not require a separate topcoat. However, an additional polyaspartic topcoat application is recommended for additional protection against scuffing, foot traffic, and UV resistance for a floor that will last a lifetime.

“We are excited to add our new Liquid Quartz to our line of high-quality decorative floor coatings that offer a strong, durable finish that is beautiful and unique for every space,” said Richard Van Bergh, President of Versatile.

About Versatile Building Products

Versatile Building Products (Versatile) is the leading manufacturer and retailer of high-quality, direct-to-concrete epoxy, polyaspartic, and polyurea flooring, as well as chemical-resistant urethane coatings designed for concrete garage, commercial, and industrial floors.