4930 Polyurea Crack and Spall Filler

Cracks can complicate an installation and telegraph through your coating if not properly repaired. This can be critical for any installation, whether residential, commercial, or industrial. For industrial facilities with heavy machinery traffic, joints are especially susceptible to spalling, chipping, cracking, and stress. Our 4930 Polyurea Crack and Spall Filler allows you to repair these vulnerable areas in concrete quickly and efficiently.

Versatile’s 4930 Polyurea Crack and Spall Filler is a low-viscosity, two-component repair material designed as a ridged repair material for most imperfections in concrete. It’s a fast-drying material that comes pre-measured for easy mixing, featuring low odor and a VOC-free formulation that is resistant to most chemicals. You can pour it in crack spalls and divots and be ready to grind it smooth within 20 minutes, allowing you to start your installation quickly.