Versatile FAQ

We worked with our customers and staff to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.


Q: How can I find the ratios for each product?
A: Each product kit is premeasured and marked on the container for easy mixing (i.e.; 2:1, 3:1, 1:1) Always double check your components to make sure that the correct product is being mixed together. For example, 4195 A and 4195 B. If the wrong components are mixed together, please contact our technical support staff for further instructions.

Q: Where can I find the colors that you offer?
A: Versatile offers over 100+ color options in a variety of finishes to suit any install. To view all of our colors, click on the “Our Colors” link located at the top of the website. If you are using a mobile device, this link will be located under the options on your right-hand side of the screen.

Q: I recently purchased your product but I did not receive instructions on how to install? Where can I find the install instructions?
A: We offer a variety of tools to ensure to best results.

Install guides: An install guide for each product is located on our website: The install guides will be located on each product’s page, under the documents section.  Please see an image of our Roll-on Rock page below:


Install videos: “How To” videos are available on our YouTube page. These videos are in depth and explain each step of install for our coatings.

Q: How much sqft does each product cover?
A: Each product has a spec data sheet and an install guide. These documents provide important information on each product such as dry times, recoat windows, thickness of the product, coverage rates, and much more. Each spec data and install guide is located on the product page under the documents tab.

Q: Do you offer training on your products? If so, how can I sign up for a class?
A: Yes, we offer training in both our California and Texas warehouses. To sign up for our class, visit our website – and click on the epoxy floor training link to sign up for the classes or follow this link for more information: Versatile Epoxy Floor Training Class

Q: Do I need to grind the floor prior to applying coatings?
A: We always recommend grinding the floor for the maximum adhesion. To test the porosity of the floor, drop a few droplets of water onto the concrete. If it soaks in, then the floor just needs to be cleaned before install. If the water pools up on top of the concrete, the floor will need to be ground prior to application.  After grinding, vacuum up all the debris, then wipe the floor down with a tack cloth. The tack cloth will pick up any dirt and fine particles that the vacuum missed, ensuring a clean install.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer on your coatings?
A: We offer a limited warranty on our 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy. The 4195 is built on our proprietary direct-to-concrete formula that wicks deep into the concrete and bonds so well that you can expect to get over 8lbs of moisture vapor emission-blocking power. With up to 3 times more adhesion than other epoxy coatings, it will not peel or flake – period. For more information on duration of the warranty and what it covers, please follow this link: Roll on Rock Warranty

Q: I accidentally spilled some epoxy on my driveway, how can I clean it up?A: If the spill just occurred, use acetone immediately to remove the coating. If not immediate, use a coatings remover to clean up any spills.

Q: Can I use the Roll-on Rock system for an exterior install?
A:  Yes, the Roll-on Rock Flake system can be used for exterior applications. We always recommend broadcasting the flake to rejection so the epoxy is fully covered. The 5073 Polyurea is UV stable topcoat which protects the coating against any harsh UV rays.

Q: Do you have a pricing list?
A: All of our pricing can be found on our website – The Roll-on Rock and the Lava Flow system has an easy to order kit already put together for garage size ranging from 500 sq. ft to 2250 sq. ft. For a custom quote for a larger size, please contact our sales team.