Hot Weather and Humidity

Summer is just around the corner and with the weather heating up, it is helpful to know which products are recommended for installation. In the past, high solid Polyaspartics were difficult to apply in hot and humid temperatures. They only had a pot life of only 10-15 minutes in hot temperatures, resulting in a stressful install. To stay on the cutting edge of the coatings industry, Versatile developed the 5085 SD  85% Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic Topcoat  to address this issue.

The 5085 SD is a slower drying version of the standard 5085 Ultra High Solids Polyaspartic. The slow dry version provides a crystal-clear finish in high humidity conditions without any hazing. The UHS SD is an 85% solids Polyaspartic topcoat with a low viscosity and high build. 5085 was designed to provide durability and strength while giving the floor a glossy, luxurious finish with just one coat. As part of the development process, this Ultra High Solids Polyaspartic was tested in real world conditions by experienced installers across the United States.  Our long-time customers reported real world working times of 35-50 minutes in temperatures ranging up to 88°F with 61% humidity.  Testing has proven that the 5085 SD is able to provide superior pot life and working time when compared to traditional Polyaspartic topcoats. As a result, 5085 is user friendly without sacrificing the performance of the finished product.

Pro Tip: To prevent the coating from kicking off too quickly in the bucket, store your coatings in an ice chest prior to your installation. This keeps your coating cool and will provide a longer pot life, allowing you to get your install completed without worry.

For more information on the 5085 & 5085 SD products please contact our representatives at 714-829-2600 or follow this link.