March’s Testimonial

Daynan from Go Epoxy recently used Versatile’s new 5018 Matte Polyaspartic for an exterior balcony at a hotel in San Diego. Here is what Daynan had to say about the outcome of using 5018M

“They LOVE ME!!!! They own 56 hotels in the San Diego area. I am NOW their personal vendor👍👍👍 Amazing product! Thank you, Jimmy!”

Versatile’s 5018M is a 2 Component Polyaspartic Topcoat that is designed to provide a Matte Finish in a single application while offering many advantages such as a low VOC, low odor, extreme chemical resistance, UV resistance and Hot Tire resistance. 5018M is perfect to create a natural stone look over any decorative flooring options including Roll on Rock, Lava Flow and even over a clear primer for a matte finish. For more information on Versatile’s new 5018M Polyaspartic, click here: