Roll on Rock® – Reaching New Heights

Versatile’s Roll on Rock Epoxy floor system was recently featured in November’s issue of Coatings Pro Magazine. The Roll-on Rock system was used in a renovation project for a large vacation resort chain located in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prior to the renovation, the balconies were in poor condition and the previous coatings had to be continually removed and re-applied due to delamination.

The resort contracted MOBO construction to assist with the renovation project. Being a long-time Versatile customer, MOBO recognized the project needed a durable finish. They chose Roll on Rock®️ which is a three step flake system that provides a long-lasting bond with a decorative finish. The durability comes from the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer that wicks deep into the concrete creating a bond that is up to three times stronger than ordinary epoxies. The 4195 can also withstands up to 8lbs of MVE pressure while other coatings fail at 3lbs.


Aaron Schneider, Project Manager (MOBO), knew for maximum adhesion the prior coating needed to be removed completely before applying the Roll-on Rock®️ system. The prep work needed to be thorough to remove the existing coating but also delicate enough not to disturb resort guests. The crew used 7-inch hand grinders equipped with diamond cup wheels to remove the prior coating, all while strapped into harnesses attached to balconies high up on an 18-story resort.

Once the previous coating was removed and the prep work was complete, the team was ready to rock and roll with the Roll on Rock®️ system.  4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer was applied with a squeegee to distribute the product evenly. 1/8” flake was then broadcasted uniformly, ensuring the 4195 was covered completely to protect the coating from UV rays. Lastly, a two top coat system was used to give a higher build, providing an ultra-glossy & smooth finish that will protect the balcony from the harsh Caribbean conditions.  The end result impressed resort personnel resulting in additional contracts across the United States and Caribbean Islands. Schneider states “The Roll on Rock®️ system is a first-class epoxy coating system. This project would not have been as successful as it was without it or without the incredible support system of the Versatile staff. They help us achieve our motto – “Do it right, do it once”


For more detail on how the previous coating was removed and how the Roll-on Rock was applied, please follow this link to the Coatings Pro article:

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