December’s Testimonial

December’s Testimonial comes from Skye Perry who purchased the Roll-on Rock system to create the perfect area to work on motorcycles, electronics and woodworking.

Here is what Skye had to say about Versatile and the Roll on Rock® System:

“My goal was to create a comfortable and inviting workspace that could accommodate an electronics workbench, some woodworking tools and a small motorcycle workshop.

Before I finally decided on which epoxy floor system to purchase, I researched several different brands. After speaking with Aaron on the Versatile website live-chat I had made my decision. Aaron helped me select the correct products for my floor and thoroughly walked me through any questions I had pertaining to the installation.

After my exhaustive research, I decided to purchase the Roll On Rock® kit from Versatile for the following reasons:
-Great product base on online feedback from others who had installed this floor system.
-Competitive price point.
-Excellent product instruction & videos
-World-class customer service and support.

The 50 year old concrete was in rough shape, but a couple hours with a diamond grinder took off the layer of grime and a few coats of paint got the walls in to a decent shape.

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I prepped and installed the entire 300 sq. ft. floor working by myself over 2 weekends. The install was straightforward and much easier than I expected. With New England autumn weather, I was concerned about cure times but the floor was quick to dry without any accelerators. I used the following products: 4100 > 4195 (Whisper Grey) > 5205 > 5108″

Congratulations on your new install Skye!