November’s Testimonial

This month’s testimonial comes directly from Cody at Yocum Construction.  Cody used Versatile’s Roll on Rock flooring system in their mechanic shop. The challenge of installing an epoxy floor in a mechanic shop is finding a product that can withstand heavy vehicle traffic. The 4195 Direct to Concrete epoxy primer wicks deep into the concrete creating a bond that is 3x stronger than ordinary epoxies while the 5073 Polyurea holds up to Hot Tires, Chemical Spills, Abrasions and is UV resistant to keep the floor looking great for years.

Here is what Cody had to say:

“Got my shop cleared out, power washed and sanded down the floors. Epoxy floor coating from Versatile Building Products came in today. I am stoked to finally get the floors done in @Autiencody’s Garage and my shop. I’ve been wanting to do it since we built our house. #cheapisntgoodgoodisntcheap #dreamshop #qualityproducts