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Versatile’s Solid X Epoxy Slurry is a 100% solids cementitious epoxy system that provides a tough and high build underlayment that is low in VOC and is in compliance with the strictest SCAQMD rules in the Country. Solid X Epoxy Slurry is a combination of a 100% solid epoxy blending with a proprietary slurry filler. This system provides a strong, protective and durable floor finish to old damaged concrete floors.

Where is Epoxy Slurry used?

Solid X Epoxy Slurry Flooring System is most suitable for Industrial, Commercial and Residential environments, Interior and Exterior applications where restoring Spalling, Pitted and damaged concrete is needed.

Solid X Epoxy Slurry is especially useful where a high compression resistant floor is required such as Restaurants, Mechanic Bays, Warehouse and areas with high traffic.

What is Solid X Epoxy Slurry used for

The Epoxy Slurry is essentially a higher strength alternative to Cementitious Fillers like Versatile’s Resurfacer, Metal Lath Cement and Self Levelling Cements. It is used as an underlayment prior to applying a Decorative Coating Finish. Using the Epoxy Slurry to repair a spalled concrete area will prevent the floor from any further damage due to moisture seeping into the concrete.

How do you use Epoxy Slurry?

Grind, Vacuum and clean the Concrete as normal. The 4100 Moisture Vapor Block Epoxy Primer will be used to prime the properly prepped and clean floor first and then a 30-grit Silica Sand will be broadcast into the Wet Epoxy. Once dried this will allow the Epoxy Slurry to bond aggressively to the 4100. The heavier the Silica Sand used, the stronger the bond and thick the Slurry Coat can be applied. Once the primer is Dry, broom up any excess Silica and apply the Epoxy Slurry mixture. The Epoxy Slurry mixture is a 3-component product that is made up of 4800 100% Solids Epoxy and 1 bag of Epoxy Slurry Mixture. The Slurry Coat is applied using Notched Squeegee between 25-100 sqft / kit as needed. Once the Slurry Coat is spread out evenly use a Lint Free Roller and back roll the mixture while relieving the pressure of the roller. Use a Spiked Porcupine Roller to reduce the possibility of out gassing occurring.


For any questions regarding Versatile’s Solid X Epoxy Slurry Flooring System, please contact Versatile at 714-829-2600