October’s Testimonial

October’s testimonial comes from one of Versatile’s dedicated, long time customers. Arizona Decorative Concrete is a Flooring and Cabinetry Contractor located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona who has been using many different coatings from Versatile for over 18 years.

Here is what John has to say about Versatile:

My company has been using various epoxy floor coating systems from Versatile for close to 18 years with great results and not a single failure!

Coating failure, and hot tire marks are a big problem in my area, and I have seen many of my competitors jobs fail, or leave tire marks in a short period of time, whereas we have never had an issue.

In fact, we are so confident with our floors we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our floors!

We primarily use the 4150 Vapor Stop along with the 5073 Polyurea top coat for our chip floors because I like the added MVE rating that it offers, and the 5073 continues to shine year after year.

My personal garage is one of the first floors that we did using their products. I have a large garage and enjoy working on cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, etc., so it gets a lot of abuse. After 18 years it still looks fantastic! In fact, often times I show it to potential customers so that they can see firsthand how well it holds up.

We have used these products on garage floors, airplane hangars, schools, restaurants, public restrooms, indoor basketball courts, etc., and have had fantastic results in appearance and durability.

Also, anytime that we have had questions, the friendly people at Versatile are always there to help.

I would strongly recommend their products as well as their company.

To see more of the work that we have done with their products feel free to check out our website at azdecorativeconcrete.com.


John Czarnecky – Owner