Concrete Preparation Equipment

Prep Equipment

Versatile offers a variety of equipment to assist you in prepping your installs such as 7”, 16” or 20” Grinder packages, Diamond Cup Wheels, Sanding Discs, and Saw blades. Versatile strives to be the #1 supplier and in doing so, we stock prep equipment to simplify your ordering process allowing you to get to your install quicker.  Find out more information below regarding the equipment we offer:

The OF16S-H operates on 120V and is powerful enough for professional users, yet simple enough for anyone to operate and maintain. The high tool speed (1000 RPM) of OF16S-H makes it an ideal concrete floor grinder capable of achieving production rates as high as 300 sq. ft. per hour. The OF16S-H also incorporates OnFloor’s patented tool attachment system that is known for being the fastest tool change in the industry.

Package Includes the following:

  • 16″ or 20” 120V Grinder Single Speed
  • 9″ Quick Tool Receiver Plate (Box of 3)
  • Double Round Segment Med Hard 25 Grit (Box of 9)
  • Quick Tool RipTip-2 Tip 25 G (3-Pack)
  • Quick Tool Twin PCD Scraper (Box of 9)
  • 20 LB. Machine Weight
  • Belts-OF20 HD 640 Kevlar (Box of 3)
  • Dynavac Pro 1600 High Output Vacuum
  • Vacuum Hose 2″x25′ with Cuffs
  • Hose Cuff, 1.5″ ID Grey Vinyl
  • Vacuum Sweeper Tool
  • Vacuum Wand Assembly

Blastrac 7” Hand Grinder Package

The 05-6700 Blastrac Hand Grinder operates on 120V in order to give you both the precision and power needed to grind concrete and remove epoxies when utilizing appropriate grinding disks. The 7” size gives you the size to grind along walls, around protrusions and those hard-to-reach areas. Coupled with a hinged Dust Shroud it nearly eliminates all dust and particulates while grinding allowing the operator to breathe and observe easier

Package includes the following:

  • 7” Blastrac Hand Grinder
  • Hinged Dust Shroud
  • 7” 12-seg Diamond Cup Wheel


7” Spike-Mastic Cup Wheel
What is it used for? To remove mastics and coatings.

7” 12 Segment Diamond Cup Wheel
What is it used for? To remove thin mil coatings and aggressive grinding.

7” 24 Segment Diamond Cup Wheel
What is it used for? Epoxy removal or for soft concrete.

4” 8 Segment Diamond Cup Wheel
What is it used for? For removal of thin mil coating and aggressive grinding.

7” ZEC Sanding Disc
What is it used for? For removal of surface coatings, epoxies, paint, rust and more.

7” Turbo Diamond Saw Blade and 4” Turbo Diamond Saw Blade
What is it used for? For cutting stone, concrete asphalt and more.

4.5” x 10mm x.5/8” – 11 Treaded Hub Crack Chaser