Jimmy’s Pro Tips

How to Remove Oil Stains: Use V-100 degreaser to remove oil residue. If concrete still appears oily after grinding, use 4100 to prime.

Accidentally mixed the wrong components? No worries! Here is how to fix that: Use a rubber squeegee to move the material into one location, then scoop it with a dust pan. Contact our technical support for further assistance.

How to remove black tire marks: Soak the floor with a cleaner or concrete degreaser. After the floor has soaked, use a semi stiff bristle brush to scrub the tire marks.

When coating a large area: Epoxies cure faster in large quantities. Mix in small batches to prevent the material from curing in the bucket.

Installing in hot weather? The hot weather can cause the products to set off faster. Apply epoxy in descending temperatures or during cooler parts of the day to help stop outgassing bubbles from occurring. Especially for solid epoxy floors and lava flow applications. Keep coatings in a cooler filled with ice to keep the product from setting off too fast from the heat.  Don’t forget to stay hydrated to protect yourself from heat stroke.

Installing in cold weather? Don’t let the cold slow you down! Use epoxy accelerators to increase dry time, allowing you to finish installs quicker.

De-lint your roller covers: De-lint your roller covers by rolling it on a piece of clear or blue tape to ensure a clean, lint free application.

Wear proper safety gear: When mixing and handling chemicals, protect your eyes and skin with proper safety glasses, wear chemical resistant gloves and make sure to wear long sleeved shirts to avoid skin contact. If contact with eyes occur, immediately flush eyes with water under low pressure. If contact with skin occurs, remove all contaminated clothing and rinse skin with water.


Remember these tips for your next pro install!