UV Resistant Top Coats

Versatile offers a variety of UV resistant top coats that will be able to meet any interior or exterior decorative concrete applications such as the Roll-on Rock system, stained concrete, decorative micro toppings, or just wanting to seal your concrete in an area that will have direct UV Exposure.

UV stable top coat

UV resistant top coat

UV stable epoxy flooring

Recommended top coats:

5073: Our High Solids 5073 Polyurea coating has been formulated to be one of the easiest Polyurea’s to apply by roller and brush, making it the ideal topcoat to use over a variety of Concrete Floor Coatings, even outdoors! The water clear high gloss and high build film of the 5073 provides a beautiful topcoat finish that will look great for years.

5205: To achieve a fantastic high build, the combination of 5205 Hybrid Ultra-Fast Drying Concrete Sealer & 5073 Polyurea top coat are recommend to ensure your floor is protect from the harsh UV rays. When used as a clear concrete floor sealer, 5205 has water clarity and mirror-like smoothness and gloss. 5205 also has a lower viscosity that makes it very easy to apply while providing an even longer pot life and a faster cure when applied to the flooring surface.

5085:  An ultra-high solids Polyaspartic that has been formulated to provide the look and feel of a high performance 2 coat topcoat system with only one coat.  Due to the ultra-high solids of 5085, most installers and end users will notice very little solvent odor.  This lower solvent product makes it the sealer of choice for installers who are tired of the heavier solvent odors typically associated with lower solids systems. The other benefit that installers love is that they have as much or more working time than a lot of the lower solids systems as well.  Contractors who provide their customers with a beautiful high build finish in a single coat makes everyone happy! The contractor gets the job done faster and the customer gets one of the most beautiful finishes available.

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  1. how does it cost in material for a two car garage. With charcoal color with 3/8 flakes? What are the prices of the different types of clear coats you guys have?

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      We would recommend reaching out to Technical Sales team for further assistance. Please call (714)829-2600 EXT 573

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