July’s Testimonial

This month’s testimonial comes from OT Epoxy. Luis has been using all systems offered by Versatile for many years. Here is what he has to say:

We have had the pleasure to be able to build a relationship with Versatile Building Products for over 10 years. We always feel like they offer us the best customer service, they are always happy to assist us in everything we need. Starting with their friendly office staff, who are always happy to help. Following by the technical support team, who is very knowledgeable with their products, we are confident that every time we come up to them with a question, they will have an answer for us, and this makes our job so much easier, not only for us at the office but also for any questions our employees or even our customers might have. They have a wide variety of products, we have always had great results with them and we are very happy to say that we can trust them and offer them to our customers as the best there is on Epoxy out there.

The variety of Finish options, colors, Sealers, etc. Makes them our favorite provider to work with, we are very thankful to them and we strongly recommend them to everyone who has not worked with them before.

Thank you for being a loyal customer Luis!