Brindle Roll on Rock® System

The Brindle Roll on Rock® is a unique premium flooring system that is a mixture of 1” & ¼” polymer flakes. The Brindle Flakes have a unique variegated color design to give your install a look that stands out from your typical Flake options.

Brindle Epoxy Flooring

How do you obtain this look?

The Brindle Roll on Rock® System application is slightly different than the standard Roll on Rock® application.

The 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy will be used as the base and your favorite Versatile clear coat will be used to seal the flake, the difference lies in the way the flake is installed. Instead of only broadcasting one size of flake, you will be broadcasting two different sizes of flake. To obtain the trademark Brindle look, 2/3 of the floor will be broadcasted with 1” flake first. This will allow the 1” Flake to be fully embedded in the Epoxy Primer. Then the ¼” flake will be broadcasted over the entire floor completely covering the 1” Flake. The reason the Flake is applied this way is to prevent any gaps and ensure the Epoxy is completely covered.

The end result is a unique design that replicates the look of natural granite and has 3x the strength and durability of other system.


Where can I apply the Brindle Roll on Rock system?

The Brindle Roll on Rock® system can be applied in any setting, even outdoors! By using the 4195 as a base – the floor system starts out with a tenacious bond that is 3x stronger than standard epoxy primers and will block up to 8lbs of MVE. After broadcasting the flake, you can use any of your favorite Versatile Top Coats that will protect your floor against UV Rays, Hot Tires, Chemical spills, Dirt, and have great Abrasions resistance giving you the ability to install this system wherever you desire.


How do I order the Brindle Roll on Rock System?

The Brindle systems uses two sizes of flake to achieve its look, 1” & ¼”. This will mean that two different size flakes will need to be purchased, but how much of each? The required amount of each flake size is as follows:

  • 2/3 of the floor will be broadcasted with 1” flake
  • The entire floor will need to be broadcasted over with ¼”.

For example, a 500 sq. ft floor will require 25lbs of 1” Brindle Flake (approx. 275-300 sq. ft coverage) and 50lbs of ¼” Brindle flake (approx. 500 sq. ft.) The coverage of the floor coatings used will remain the same as standard.

Once the flake is scraped, the excess ¼” flake will come off to reveal a perfectly balanced blended 1’ &1/4” Flaked Brindle Floor.

For an entire “How to” on installing the Brindle Roll on Rock® system, check out this detailed video: