New Look, Same Great Product!

Here at Versatile, we believe we are much more than building products alone. In our goal to become a leading supplier, we offer “versatile” systems for commercial, industrial and residential installs. Here are just a few of the many floor coating systems offered:

  • Roll on Rock – A flake system that offers a heavy-duty flooring surface that is not only decorative but will also have a long-lasting bond due to the superior “wicking” technology from the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Coating.
    • The Versatile Difference:
      • Hot Tire & Chemical Resistant
      • One Day Application Options Available
      • Ultra-Low VOC
      • Durable & Easy to Clean
      • Indoor or Outdoor Use
      • UV Resistant
      • Withstands up to 8lbs of MVE
  • Solid X – An industrial flooring system that is built on the strength of our epoxy, chemical resistant urethane, urethane concrete and polyaspartic top coats to create the ideal flooring solution for any industrial environment
    • The Versatile Difference:
      • Chemical Resistant
      • Impact and Abrasion Resistant
      • Ultra-Low VOC Options Available
      • High MVE Resistance
      • Non-Flammable & Low Odor Options Available
      • Quick installations to Reduce Downtime
  • Lava Flow – A two component resinous system that includes eye catching metallics to give the floor a stunning glass-like finish that is unique. Perfect for that customer who does not a want a cookie cutter look, but is longing to have a floor that is envy worthy in any setting.
    • The Versatile Difference:
      • Hot Tire & Chemical Resistant
      • Ultra – Low VOC
      • Non- Flammable & Low Odor Options Available
      • Durable & Easy to Clean
      • Enhances any space
      • High MVE Resistance
      • Advanced “Wicking” Technology for a Superior Bond

No matter what the setting, we have what you need to be Versatile! We are re-branding to share our vision as being a versatile supplier in flooring and cabinetry products.

We will be updating our email addresses, website and logo. Keep an eye out for our new look and website, coming soon!