Concrete Prep Methods

To allow for the coatings to adhere at optimal performance, the concrete must be prepped prior to installation. The concrete must have a Concrete Service Profile or CSP of 1-3. To attain this, there are a few options that can be done:

  • Diamond Grinding
    • What is diamond grinding? Diamond grinding is achieved by using a concrete grinder with diamond bits to remove the first layer of concrete, leaving the floor completely permeable to ensure a proper adhesion from the coatings.
    • When to diamond grind? This method is preferred when there are existing coatings that need to be removed, floors that have been sealed previously, areas where carpet or tile have been removed, larger areas, and areas that are not sensitive to noise or dust. This method will give the best guarantee that the coatings will adhere properly as the pores of the concrete have been opened up.
  • Eco Concrete Profiler
    • What is Eco Concrete Profiler? Eco Concrete Profiler is a water based, biodegradable, eco-friendly etcher that can be used to roughen the surface of the concrete to allow for adhesion from the coatings.
    • When to use Eco Concrete Profiler? This product is a great to use when a floor grinder cannot be used. Eco Concrete Profiler can be used in areas that are too small for a grinder, time sensitive installs, spaces where animals are kept, and for customers who are sensitive to noise and dust. If the floor has not been previously coated or sealed, this product is a great alternative to diamond grinding.
  • Pressure Washing
    • What is pressure washing? Pressure washing is the use of high pressure water spray to remove mold, dust, mud and dirt from the surface.
    • When to pressure wash? Pressure or power washing can be done when the concrete is already porous. Since the concrete is absorptive, the concrete only needs to be cleaned thoroughly before coatings are applied. To test if the concrete is porous, put a few drop of water onto the concrete, if the water is absorbed then the concrete is permeable.