Protecting Concrete Floors from Damaging Moisture Vapor Emissions and Transmission

Protecting concrete from Moisture Vapor Emissions (MVE) and Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is critical when installing a floor coating. Especially if a Moisture Vapor Sheeting was not placed under the original Concrete pour. Both can cause severe damage to concrete floors. Our 4100 and 4150 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealer/Primer products are low-odor, low-volatility solutions that dramatically reduce MVE levels, improving the integrity and durability of any concrete floor.

The 4100 and 4150 products were designed to hold back MVE and MVT emitting up through the  concrete by wicking deep into the concrete and curing to form a moisture blocking barrier. This barrier limits up to 15 lbs. of MVE and MVT, making it one of the strongest moisture-resistant Epoxies on the market.

Both roll-on Epoxies are easy to apply, making either the perfect choice for first-time installers or seasoned professionals. The low-odor, non-flammable formula means the product can be installed without disrupting nearby work areas. Also, it can be applied to damp concrete without compromising performance.

The 4100 and 4150 both can be used as a standalone primer or sealer for concrete floor coatings installations in application where UV Stability is not a concern.

After the correct prep work any number of our top coats clear and pigmented can be applied over these primers.

The products can be used as a protective barrier beneath moisture-vulnerable floors such as wood, vinyl and laminate.

Both product have a high gloss finish and the 4100 when used as a standalone sealer will darken the concrete leaving it with a Glossy Wet Look Finish.