Epoxy Flooring Installed in Jackson, MS

Preparing the Concrete

This floor was firstly ground down using a walk behind 16” 115v On-Floor planetary head Grinder. 40 grit diamonds. After grinding the floor more cracks were then noticeable. From hairline cracks to 1/8” wide cracks. The 4900 5 min Crack Weld was used for the larger cracks.. These cracks were over filled and then ground down flush with the concrete. The Divot Patch was then used to fill the hairline non-moving cracks. After the floor was vacuumed and a leaf blower was used to get anymore excess dust off the surface.

Applying the Roll on Rock Epoxy Flooring System

The 4195 Whisper Grey Direct to Concrete Epoxy was used to prime the floor. This being a 1 Day Install the 41 series Accelerators were also used. The 4195 was applied at 200 sqft / gal. The Grey Flake was broadcasted approx.. 15 min after the 4195 was rolled out. By adding 2 accelerators / 1 gal kit the Epoxy at 75 degree’s the epoxy was dry in 3 hrs. After recouping the loose Flake,  scraping the floor in both directions, vacuuming and blowing the floor out. The 5205 Fast Sealer Polyaspartic Primer was applied at 350 sqft/ 1.5 gal kit. This product dries within 60 min. The 5073 High Gloss Polyurea was then applied at 500 sqft / 2 gal kit.

The Floor was complete in 1 Day.

Epoxy Flooring Installed in Jackson, MS