Garage Transformation Completed in El Cerrito, CA

All the old shelving was removed first from this garage. The concrete floor was ground down, stripping the entire floor of the split paint and stains on it. The 4900 5min Crack Weld was applied to to all the exposed cracks. Then again ground down flush with the surface. The 4195, color Cottonwood, Direct to Concrete Epoxy Primer was applied using 2 x 41 series accelerator per 1 gal kit allowing for the Primer to dry in 2-3 hrs for this 1 day install. The blend of 1” and ¼” Sable Brindle Flake was dispersed over the entire floor including the small stem walls.

Upon drying the Sable Flake was heavily scraped and lightly sanded. The 5205 Polyaspartic fast drying primer sealer was rolled out at 300-350sqft/ 1.5 gal kit. The 5205 dries in 60 min. Whilst the 5205 was still slightly tacky the 5073 High Solids Polyurea top coat was applied. To give the floor a High Gloss Finish. The floor was dry in 3-4 hrs and the Charcoal Cabinets were installed the next day.

The entire garage was transformed in just 2 days.

El Cerrito Garage Tranformation