New Epoxy Floor Installed in a Mechanic Stop in Lexington, Ky

With the customer being budget minded and needing a quick turnaround for completion. Versatile Building Products 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy and the 5073 Polyurea with an added 50 series pigment pack were the chosen products to apply.

The floor had an existing epoxy paint on it. It was pitted with lots of imperfection. For the two days that the facility was going to be closed filling all the divots and gauges was not a priority. Having a quick turnaround was. The original coating had a very good bind to the surface but was simply worn down. The floor was scraped of any loose material then sanded heavily and aggressively with 60 grit sand paper. Some minor cracks were repaired but that was it.

The same day after cleaning the floor and wiping it down with micro fiber pads the 4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy pigmented Whisper Grey was applied. The coverage rate is approximately 250 sqft / 1 gal kit over a previously sealed surface. With the added 41 series accelerators the 4195 can dry in 2-3 hrs, depending upon temperatures. Being in mid Spring the temperatures at 70 degrees were perfect. 2 x 8oz 41 series accelerators were used / 1 gal kit. 18” 3/8 naps roller were used to apply the product. This allowed the floor to be dry in 6 hrs in these Temperatures.

The following day the floor was dry enough to sand the entire surface again. This time with 120 grit sand paper. The floor was cleaned and wiped down with micro fiber. The 5073 Fast Drying High Gloss Polyurea with pigment packs ( Whisper Grey ) were used as the final topcoat. This product is a fast drying 2 gal kit Poly which was needed to get this floor back into service quickly. With the added color pack the floor was dry to walk on in 2-3 hrs.  There was a good 24 hrs cure time before the Shop was put back into service with vehicle traffic.

Customer was so impressed by how quick this project was done in and by the final overall look of the floor. It definitely helped brighten up the establishment.


All_Car_Shop_After Epoxy Flooring